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Information for Students Presenting at CCC


Goal: CCC is a collegial conference. The goal of the conference is for you to receive feedback on your research and for you to meet and mingle with other students and faculty.

Time allowed: Each student has 10 minutes to present. This is strictly enforced.

Format: You will be assigned to a group of 4-5 students. Each student in a group presents, followed by the discussant for the group, followed by comments from attending faculty.

Attire: Dress code is business attire for presenters.

Etiquette: A laptop, projector and microphone will be available. Prepare PowerPoint slides in advance and have them available on a portable USB drive. Make sure to load your presentation ahead of time during one of the breaks.

Before the conference: Email your PowerPoint slides and an updated one page abstract to your discussant a week prior to the event. Make sure to follow the tips below and practice.


1. Practice ahead of time. Each presenter has 10 minutes to present – 10 minutes and only 10 minutes. Time is precious in this format. In order to insure you finish within 10 minutes and are not cut off, make sure to practice, practice, practice.

2. Identify the main research question at the very beginning of your talk, and how you will answer it. Do not make it a mystery.

3. Only touch on topics which directly apply to your topic. Assume that the audience is familiar with the general topic and proceed accordingly. Any literature review should be succinct. Do not provide elaborate descriptions of data sets. State nuanced arguments quickly.

4. Practice ahead of time. Time yourself.

5. Try to focus your presentation on a few “take-aways“. Most students emphasize the research question, the estimated trajectory and the accomplishments so far.

6. CCC is for students who are not finished with their research, so do not hesitate to say how far you have gone (or not gone) in meeting your research goals. It is often useful to provide an overview of where you would like to go (see points # 2 and #5 above).

7. Practice ahead of time. Time yourself. Have a friend watch you.

8. If your research has progressed to the stage where you have findings and propositions, then it is often useful to state these, but keep explanations succinct.

9. Practice ahead of time. There’s no such thing as too much practice!

10. Remember to relax. It is only a presentation. CCC is a collegial conference.

Download PDF Version of this Document: Info for students presenting at CCC

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