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CCC 2015 Invitation Letter

Dear Friends:

You are cordially invited to participate in the 22nd annual Consortium for Competitiveness and Cooperation (CCC) for Doctoral Student Research to be held at New York University’s Stern School of Business in New York, NY. The Faculty Day will be held on Friday, April 24th, 2015. The Doctoral Student Consortium activities will begin on Saturday April 25th in the morning, and conclude at noon on Sunday, April 26th.

The CCC offers doctoral students an opportunity to present their research-in-progress and receive guidance and commentary from faculty associated with research-oriented institutions such as Boston University, University of California (Berkeley and Los Angeles), Carnegie Mellon, Copenhagen Business School, Columbia, Duke, Emory, EPFL, Harvard, Illinois, Maryland, MIT, Michigan, NYU, Northwestern, Stanford, University of Toronto, and the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), among others. Faculty and student interests typically center on questions of organization and economic theory, technology management and firm strategy, entrepreneurship, and the co-evolution of industrial structure, organizational structure, and innovation. Past presentations have discussed firm capabilities, management of innovation, competition and cooperation among firms, technological change and variation within industries, diffusion of knowledge, firm survival and failure, commercialization of university research, and the broader institutional structures and policies that influence firm behavior.

We welcome your nomination of outstanding students from your doctoral program. We anticipate receiving more nominations of students than we will be able to accommodate on the program, so priority will be given to students whose research questions are aligned with the themes central to CCC and to students whose research is beyond the thesis proposal stage. The ideal timing for a CCC presentation is when the ideas are sufficiently well formulated for a clear presentation of the basic questions and predictions, but can also benefit from incorporation of comments received at the Consortium for significant revision.

The following information will be requested in your student nomination:

  • Student(s) name and email address
  • The point that the student has reached in your doctoral program
  • Whether the student has presented previously at CCC
  • A rank ordering of your nominees (if your institution nominates more than one)
  • A brief (one page) abstract of the student’s research presentation

We hope that you and your student will be able to participate in this year’s Consortium. Before the deadline of December 15, 2014, please follow these links for faculty registration and student nomination (one set of nominations per institution), or you can follow the links at the CCC website at http://ccc.strategy-and-entrepreneurship.net. Please note that we are balancing the needs of maintaining the “small conference feel” and tight budgetary constraints of CCC with its ever-growing intellectual base of scholars. Accordingly, we anticipate an excess demand in faculty attendance. Thus, we encourage you to register and confirm your attendance as early as you can, but certainly before the deadline.

Thanks to the financial support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and New York University, we will provide for meals during the conference, and hotel accommodations for all the doctoral students. For attending faculty, we ask for voluntary coverage of hotel accommodations (if their research budget permits). All participants attending the conference are responsible for their own transportation costs to and from New York City.

Please contact JP Eggers and Rob Seamans, co-chairs of the organizing committee, at ccc2015@stern.nyu.edu if you have any questions. We hope to see you in New York in April.


Rajshree Agarwal                            University of Maryland

J.P. Eggers                                        New York University

Rob Seamans                                    New York University

Charlie Williams                              Bocconi University

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