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The links below represent resources that have been created by various members of the CCC community.  We include them below, noting that they represent differing theoretical and philosophical perspectives, and diverse emphasis on phenomena of interest.

Presentation Archive from Previous CCC Conferences


We have created an archive of presentations and videos as well as other information from previous CCC conferences. You find them in the Conference Archive.

Information for Students Presenting at the CCC Conference


Over the years we have put together information on the presentation format at CCC and useful tips for presenting effectively. Click here for these tips.

Mary Tripsas’s CCC Retrospective at 20th Anniversary Conference


Mary Tripsas gave a presentation at the 20th anniversary CCC conference, analyzing what institutions CCC doctoral students came from, what institutions they went to, what topics the worked on, what impact their publications had, and more. You can view her presentation slides here: Mary Tripsas Presentation

Timothy Simcoe Empirical Etiquette


On his website Tim has developed an etiquette,  spelling out a list of things that nearly every empirical paper should discuss from his point of view, regardless of the particular method employed.

Connie Helfat’s Five Project

Connie helfat

The FIVE Project aims to accelerate and broaden the reach of research on firm and industry evolution and related areas of entrepreneurship by making data and documentation freely available on the FIVE website (http://five.dartmouth.edu). The FIVE Project provides easily accessible data that can be augmented and used to perform new and different types of analyses for a range of industries. The data sets contain annual data on individual firms and products, often over long time periods.

Strategy Research Initiative

The intent of the iniative  is to create and disseminate resources to strategy scholars to help improve the quality of work in the field. The website of the initiative provides various resources, including a reader of seminal papers. Strategy Research Initiative


The mission of the website is to serve as the premier information site for scholars interested in empirical research on industrial and economic change. Economic-Evolution.net

Ph.D. Syllabi

Rajshree Agarwal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar

Rajshree Agarwal and David Kirsch Strategy and Entrepreneurship Seminar

Alfonso Gambardella and Jay Horwitz Applied Business Analysis

Dan Levinthal Strategy Seminar

Will Mitchell and Charlie Williams Strategy Seminar

J. Peter Murmann Evolutionary Theories of Organization


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